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punta del este

Punta del Este lays on Río de la Plata sea shore and the south Atlantic Ocean, 130 km (90 minutes drive) from Montevideo, Uruguay´s capital. Located half an hour flight form Buenos Aires (Argentina), and 2.30 hs flight from Sao Paulo (Brazil), Punta del Este has become a cosmopolitan resort and meeting spot valued by international public in leisure or business travel. Many have chosen Punta del Este to settle second or retirement homes. Thousands of tourists from around the world meet and recommend Punta del Este as an interesting investment opportunities market.

Maldonado´s region rolling hills landscape, of 4.793 sq km, provides many penínsulas introducing the Sierra de las Animas, Sierrra de Carapé and Sierra de los Caracoles into the sea, spotting the variety of sand archs coastline. With moderated weather and temperatures range from 10º C (wintertime) to 25º C (cool summer nights), Punta del Este is to be enjoyed all year round.

The region is also recognized by its grand coastal lagoons: “Laguna del Sauce”, “Laguna del Diario”, “Laguna Blanca”, “Laguna de José Ignacio”, “Laguna Garzón”, “Laguna Negra”; each with its own micro enviroments for birds watching, nature-capture-photos-tour, fishing or watersports (kite surf, wind surf, jetskis..) depending on season.

Punta del Este´s active sports harbour welcomes over 500 crafts among yachts and sailboats from diverse nationalities.

In January 1516 Juan Díaz de Solís named the Isla de Lobos “San Sebastián de Cádiz”, San Fernando de Maldonado Bay “Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria” and Punta del Este “Cabo de Santa María”, but only around 1940 Punta del Este began to achieve internacional prestige among celebrities.

Today´s population in Maldonado´s region is up to 130.000, and receives three times this number of visitors from top socio-economic shelf, arriving in sport-boats, private and line jets, vans, cars, limos and ferrys.

Since providing services for tourism is the main source of the region economic balance, Punta del Este and its people take special care of green public areas as of keeping high standards. People´s security is a main issue to be preserved, according to travelers and the growing number of international new resident citizens expectations.

A wide agenda of live shows and social happenings, as fine restaurants for all tastes, casinos, classic car races, rugby and polo international matches and fashion shows among many other entertainment temptations - transform this quiet refuge in top of mind appointment lodge for famous and tourists from all around the planet, in seek for peaceful rest and top fun.

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