Bed & Breakfast "Camundá" - Punta del Este

Bed & Breakfast "Camundá" - Punta del Este

Back in the 70s, the pine cone trees neighborhood “Pinares” was an almost virgin zone, whole blocks of tight young pine cone woods, early growth and dense greens.

Tribed with friends, brothers and cousins, we used to bike this lands playing explorers in those endless summer afternoons.

We used to stay in Punta del Este sometimes January, some other February, ocassionally both summer months, depending on our parents vacations, and as years went by we have stayed in many of Pinares residences, that we have ‘adopted” because of their peacefulness, beauty, safe deep waters and rough sand beach shores.

Late 70’s, in 1978 to be precise, my family buys the landlot on which our dear “Camundá” was to be built, a medium summer retreat home, that we visited frecuently during the warm season and long weekends year round, and rented – as many families in the neighborhood – for some top season months so the house payed its own expenses.

Many families have spent summers in “Camundá” through many seasons, some of them would call in October or even earlier to reserve the month saved to enjoy restful vacations; few would rent the house for whole season.

As time went by our family grew so our cabaña was off rental circuit for a few years, but not our enthusiasm for the hospitality fields.

Today we gladly welcome guests willing to stay in “Camundá”, we now offer three confortable double suites, with the services you may need and the friendly care of owners, a few steps from the beach.



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